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Interior Design Ideas for Luxury Holiday Home Rentals

Creating a luxury feel is important

Red CandlesAt La Maison Pacifique, we wanted to created a truly luxurious experience for our guests and we selected Di Hendy from Di 4 Interior Designs to help create our wonderful luxury home ambience.

Di selected many interesting features from all over the world. Considering our wish to attract discerning guests who would also keep our private property in excellent condition, we are very happy with the results.

This blog posts shares a few ideas that you might like to consider when choosing an interior designer or creating your own luxury feel in your holiday home rental.

  • quality linens, towels and accessories to match each room and ensuite
  • decorator features in living areas including unique light fittings, furniture and accessories that reflect the type of luxury (beach, formal country, traditional manor, ultra modern)
  • modern technology items so that restless children and adults can still enjoy electronic entertainment
  • comprehensive instructions shared before arrival and on arrival with clear guidelines as to what is included or not included in the rental amount
  • professional quality photos on the website that reflect the overall luxury feel of the property
  • extra special items – a small selection of books to read, board games, emergency items, quality kitchen appliances and cooking utensils
  • extra clean windows, carpets, kitchen surfaces, barbeques, pools, bathrooms etc with easily accessible cleaning supplies for unexpected messes
  • a personal touch with carefully selected artworks, framed pictures (perhaps with a story card), a house summary document highlighting special features of the property and suggestions (enjoy breakfast from the upstairs balcony and watch the sun rise….)
  • additional items suitable for local activities – bicycles, golf clubs, water toys, beach towels
  • designer style plastic glasses and plates for dining outdoors or near wet areas
  • items that can add a personal touch if a larger group is visiting – candles for the dining table and bathroom, light blankets for a day lounge, tablecloths and napkins, a variety of well coordinated serving dishes, extra cushions and pillows for bedrooms. shower robes
  • clear instructions as to what is included – food supplies, cleaning, linen, rubbish arrangements etc and how the property is to be left to secure the bond refund
  • any occupational health and safety issues (not to leave candles on or placed directly on surfaces, how to manage heating and cooling efficiently)
  • additional information on what to enjoy in the local area based on your own research and feedback received from past guests

We hope you find these tips useful for creating your own luxury holiday home rental with an interior design feel.

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