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Why Rent a Holiday Home?

Why Rent a Holiday Home?

Why rent a holiday home?

Why rent a holiday home instead of a hotel accommodation?

Smart, savvy travellers are making the switch from hotels to holiday home rentals and are basking in the glory of having their own private resorts – sometimes at a fraction of the cost of hotel accommodation (particularly when sharing with friends and family).

Are you planning your next holiday and looking for reasons to rent a holiday home?  Read on as we explain why holiday home rental could be a great option for you, your friends and family…

Hotel Accommodation vs Holiday Home Rental  – the questions to ask yourself

  • Ever wished that you could live like pop stars/the wealthy/ the privileged but don’t think it is possible due to a tight budget?
  • Do you dream about a luxury holiday accommodation choice where you have access to every mod con you can think of – and with access to facilities and activities for adults and kids alike?
  • Do you like privacy and are not interested in sharing facilities with crowds of people you don’t know?
  • Do you like holidaying with a group of family/friends and are keen on exploring all the local activities (or just relaxing by your own private pool or spa)?

If you have answered “YES” to any (or all) of the above questions, then a holiday home rental could be just the thing you are looking for for your next holiday!

Why rent a holiday home?

Well, apart from the fact that a holiday home can be significantly cheaper cost per person, what better option is there for you to enjoy that longed for holiday than to have quality time with your favourite people and with everything at your fingertips?

Holiday homes enable families and friends to holiday together in a location of their choice.  Particularly if family/friends do not live near each other, a “neutral ground” beachfront holiday home could be the answer to a perfect holiday and/or celebration.

Northern NSW is a great holiday location choice if you like access to both the beach (including Byron Bay and the Gold Coast) and the Hinterland.  Easily accessible too with the Gold Coast airport a stones throw away – or a 90 minute drive from Brisbane’s CBD.  Consider the regular arts and culture events, and drop by some of the many local (including organic) food producers.

With everyone chipping in on costs, ability to share activities (or not), and a chance to relax and unwind without the usual “home” pressures is a great way to embrace a holiday and enjoy that special time with the ones you want to be with most of all.

Holiday homes are perfect for groups – couples groups, family groups, generational groups and sometimes for small work getaways.

Holiday homes can also be the perfect answer for destination wedding guests.  Why not pool your resources and stay together – and enjoy the private facilities that a holiday home has on offer?

But why can it be cheaper than hotel accommodation?

  1. Holiday homes offer competitive rates and have a range of options according to your budget.  Also, often the longer you stay, the more discounted the rate.  ie.  weekend rates, whilst still competitive, might be a higher per night cost, but this cost often reduces significantly for weekly stays.  Why is this?  Property owners and managers like weekly rentals.  Once their fixed costs have been paid, then they can afford to reduce the nightly rate for weekly stays (and you get more holiday time to boot).
  2. For large groups (say 6+), to stay in hotel accommodation you might be paying for 3 rooms.  In a holiday home, you can get a 3-4 bedroom home often for less than the cost of a comparable hotel, and you have access to cooking facilities and equipment, a range of extras and you don’t have to share with strangers.
  3. You may also get to stay in a luxury home for the same price as hotel accommodation for your group – and that might include added extras like pool, spa, extra lounge areas, quality fixtures and fittings (like Miele appliances and a capuccino machine), Foxtel/Austar (included in price), board games and of course game consoles.  In addition, it is private, so you won’t have any adjoining walls.
  4. Property owners are keen to keep your business.  For them it is personal, particularly when you are dealing direct.  Remember, if a property is listed on a number of websites (and has their own), plus have their own social media presence (like facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, youtube etc), you are likely to be dealing direct with the owner and/or a dedicated property manager.  This is good news and you can use their knowledge to make the most of what is available in the region.
  5. Home owners love their location.  If they have their own website, you can get access to “local” activities and events, attractions and even some tips on things to do.  You can find all this out beforehand and plan all the fun activities before you arrive.

As you can see, we feel it is worthwhile considering a holiday home for your next vacation and if you have any other tips, feel free to contact us.  We love to share!

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Until next time – enjoy your day wherever you are from La Maison Pacifique “The Peaceful House” and your boutique designer luxury holiday home vacation rental in Casuarina, New South Wales, Australia – half way between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

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