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Latest news from La Maison Pacifique July 2013 Update – our best yet!

Read La Maison Pacifique July 2013 Update online at

La Maison Pacifique


Latest news from La Maison Pacifique July 2013 Update – our best yet!

Our La Maison Pacifique July 2013 Update includes our recent social media articles (and some other great information added in) including:

  • a range of great articles on renting holiday homes (why, how to and avoiding scammers);
  • handy travel apps;
  • tips when travelling with Kids (essential items for travelling and what to pack);
  • a range of local upcoming (and current) events and activities;
  • and a bit about Destination Weddings too…

A handy, delectable travel dozen all up!

You can also link with us via Twitter, facebook, Google+, Linked in and Youtube for our news/stories as they happen (although our newsletter does have added extras too)  …and you will notice that we are getting more creative with our newsletter design (loving the photos :-))  Enjoy!

1. Lisa’s top things to do in Kingscliff NSW

Top things to do in Kingscliff NSW
Top things to do in Kingscliff NSW

We feel that there is no better recommendation than one coming from a local so we have spoken to local resident Lisa and she has come up with …drumroll please….  TA-DA! Lisa’s top things to do in Kingscliff NSW.  Prepare now for a range of activities you might not have thought of.  There are some real surprises there – and information that only the locals would know…

2. Why rent a holiday home?

Well, apart from the fact you get all the extras (including our fantastic newsletters :-)) smart, savvy travelers are making the switch from hotel accommodation to holiday home rentals and are basking in the glory of having their own private resorts – sometimes at a fraction of the cost of hotels (particularly when sharing with friends and family). This is a great article on why we think a holiday home is a great option for all holiday makers.  We’re sure you will be convinced.

3. Tips for renting a holiday home

Tips for Renting a holiday Home
Tips for Renting a holiday Home

Planning your next holiday and looking for tips for renting a holiday home?  Read about our ideas so that you can make the most of your holiday experience.

  • Ever wished that you could live like **pop stars**/the wealthy/ the privileged but don’t think it is possible due to a tight budget?
  • Do you dream about a luxury holiday where you have access to every mod con you can think of – and with access to facilities and activities for adults and kids alike?
  • Do you like holidaying with a group of family/friends and are keen on exploring all the local activities (or just relaxing by your own private pool or spa)?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then a holiday home rental could be just the thing you are looking for!  But hang on, about those tips.  I’ve decided to rent a holiday home, but how can I avoid any pitfalls? We don’t have all the answers (who does?), but here are some great tips to minimise any risks..

4. Avoiding Holiday Rental Scams – Top Tips

We’ve found a great UK article on the best way of avoiding holiday rental scams – and which complements our earlier articles “Why Rent a Holiday Home” and “Tips for Renting a Holiday Home“.  We’ve added to it though – and gone into a bit more detail about avoiding scams plus adjusted the aforementioned article’s comments for an Australian holiday rental context and added a couple of our own tips as well.  Well worth a read.

5. 8 Travel Apps to Make Your Summer Holiday Less Stressful

Well, we can’t take the credit for all the ideas in this one, and you will have to “Austrailanise” the content, but we thought this Huffington Post article pretty interesting and perfect for our tech savvy guests/travellers….  Just in time for preparations for our summer holidays too!

6. Top 10 Essential Travel Items For Kids This Summer

Another great article we have found – this time from The Luxury Travel Blog.  Whilst the items listed are on the luxury side, the ideas are there and you can swap and change for local products and suppliers.  We think this article is spot on!

7. Holiday House with Kids Survival Guide

Now, talking about kids and holiday rentals (perfect places for family holidays we know), we have found a fun (and informative!) article from the website Vegie Smugglers on their top tips on what to pack when you go.  There are a couple of items on the list that we already supply at La Maison Pacifique (ie. corkscrews, knives – we have Furi ones, plastic plates and cutlery, plastic containers and coffee machine – Miele cappuccino machine), but all items are great must-haves for holiday house rentals with kids!  BYO wine (see Emmanuel’s below).

8. Caba Creative Carnivale – Cabarita Beach – Sunday September 29, 2013

Caba Creative Carnivale is our inaugural community event for Caba Creative (a local volunteer-run not-for-profit community organisation).  They operate as a platform for local artists, artisans, performers, business operators, residents, youth, indigenous people and environmentalists. Caba Creative’s key aims include networking and collaboration leading to community benefits while actively endorsing environmental and economic sustainability. They work within the splendour of the local beach and bush environment.  Come along and join in the fun of what promises to be a fantastic, inspiring community event – and one which we are sure will continue in the future!

9. Ben Quilty – After Afghanistan – at Tweed River Art Gallery – 21 June-29 September 2013

Ben Quilty - After Afghanistan
Ben Quilty – After Afghanistan

As an official war artist of the Australian War Memorial, Quilty was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 where he observed Australians’ activities in Kabul, Kandahar and Tarin Kot. Archibald Prize winning artist Quilty says, “Afghanistan exposes the basics of humanity right there in your face: matters of life and death, the biggest themes an artist could ever imagine. I hope that when people walk into this exhibition they get more of a sense of what is like to be in Afghanistan. Not what it looks like, but what it feels like. What it is like to survive an experience such as these Australians have been through.”

Air Commodore John Oddie, former Deputy Commander of Joint Task Force 633 in the Middle East Area of Operations, and a subject of Quilty’s portraits says, “Ben exposes the unvarnished, visceral experiences of military service and confronts the subject with previously deniable truths as a critical step to reintegrating with family and society.” The exhibition showcases 21 studio paintings and 16 works on paper sketched during Quilty’s tour of Afghanistan in 2011.  Sobering, but a must see.

10. Knightsfest Kingscliff Lantern Markets – First Friday of Every Month

Kingscliff Lantern Markets is another great reason to visit and stay in the beautiful seaside village of Kingscliff. Eat, drink and be entertained at this fiesta by lantern and light. A celebration for families, friends and all walks of life and fast becoming one of the must things-to-do each month on the local calendar.

11. Wine tasting every Friday night at Emmanuel’s Wine Shop Kingscliff

We have only recently found out about this one – thanks to local resident Lisa.  It is such a good thing that we have not only included it in Lisa’s top things to do in Kingscliff, bnt deserves its own space in our newsletter!

Emmanuel's Wine Shop Kingscliff
Emmanuel’s Wine Shop Kingscliff

Emmanuel’s is not your standard bottle-o.  Emmanuel’s Wine Shop aims to provide a selection of wines, premium beers and selected spirits that offer quality and value for money at every price level.

An independent store,  Emmanuel’s can do what no-one else can…offer a thoughtful product range including small producers from around Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. Emmanuel knows his wines; knows the regions that they come from and in most cases the vineyards and wine makers that produce them.  Impressive, eh!

So about this wine tasting…  Friday evenings from 5-7pm is another way to not just taste (and buy) some great wines but is a bit of a local’s institution as well.  Emmanuel taps into his vast knowledge as a wine merchant to provide his clientele with an interesting and comprehensive array of wines, beers and spirits from around the world.  Don’t forget Emmanuel’s is open until 8.00pm (every night except Sunday – 5.00pm) so there is time to buy some great wine and BYO to the local restaurants.

12. Osteria, Casuarina

In Italy an Osteria was originally a place serving wine and simple food. Lately, the emphasis has shifted to the food, but menus tend to be short, with an emphasis on local specialities such as pasta, grilled meat or fish, and often served at shared tables.  In this tradition, Osteria has created theme nights each Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Wednesday nights is Soup Kitchen, where for $7.50 you can have a hearty bowl of home-made soup.  They also have a soup & house wine special for only $10. Osteria guarantee that all take-away orders will be ready in less than 10 minutes.  Cool (or should we say, HOT) eh!
  • Thursday night’s feed the family shared table is inspired by the many dining houses around the world that do not see the need for a conventional menu. Guests are simply welcomed into the dining room and the chef, usually the owner of the establishment, prepares you a meal. Menu changes every week and bookings can be made.  Cost is $27.90 per person.
Destination Wedding Casuarina NSW
Destination Wedding Casuarina NSW

…and if you are thinking about your own Destination Wedding, Osteria has a fantastic new partnership with Casuarina Weddings and they are able to host special, unique and personalised weddings – using their own wedding planner – to make your day everything that you and your guests could hope for.  Don’t forget your Jaabay Candles – and local photographer Kristy of Figtree Pictures Wedding Photography who has just released a gorgeous new video too!

Wow!  So that rounds out a big month of news – the holiday home rental delectable dozen as promised – from us!  We do hope that you have enjoyed your newsletter and hope that it all inspires you to visit our beautiful Northern Rivers area sometime soon.  Remember we are not that far away – La Maison Pacifique is located 1/2 way between the Byron Bay NSW and the Gold Coast QLD, and easily accessible from Brisbane (90 minutes by car) or the Gold Coast Airport (20 minutes by car).  See you soon!

Late breaking news…

I know, should try to keep this shorter, but this was too good to miss!

Babalou Hearts Books
Babalou Hearts Books

Babalou Hearts Books

Calling all bookworms – Babalou will be launching its first Book Club Wednesday 31st July.

They will be doing 2 meetings – a 10 am and a 6pm. Join the lovely Nerida over coffee and cake and talk all things BOOKS 🙂 To book please email/call connect@byNerida.com.au or jodi@babalou.com.au 0266748764.

Would you like to book or find out more about us?

Check out our rates,

Look at our last minute accommodation specials or

Send us an enquiry now! 

You can also Contact us for more information or Subscribe to our free monthly email newsletter

Until next time – enjoy your day wherever you are from La Maison Pacifique “The Peaceful House” and your boutique designer luxury holiday home vacation rental in Casuarina, New South Wales, Australia – half way between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

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