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La Maison Pacifique August 2013 Update

La Maison Pacifique


Latest news from La Maison Pacifique August 2013 Update – Summer Holiday and Wedding Tips Edition!

Our La Maison Pacifique August 2013 Update includes our recent social media articles (and some other great information added in) including:

You can ink with us via Twitter, facebook, Google+, Linked in and Youtube for our news/stories as they happen (although our newsletter does have added extras too.  Read on and enjoy!

1. Pete’s Top Things to do in Kingscliff NSW

Following on from the amazing success (and many hits) of our post on Lisa’s top things to do in Kingscliff NSW, we thought we would ask another local (real estate agent and contact for the new Miramar Casuarina Estate) Peter Brussel – to take us through Pete’s top things to do in Kingscliff NSW.  Now Pete is a bit of an action man and loves the outdoors.  Luckily, there are many activities here that are his favourites – both active and not so – so the possibilities for you are endless (let your imagination run wild!).

2. Upcoming Events

We are starting to get into the swing of things with a range of fantastic Spring events in September.  This is in addition to our normal Attractions and Markets, so here goes!

 3. Kingscliff Wedding Venues

Given our beautiful beachfront location (with easy access to the beach), we are often asked if we would consider our luxury beachfront holiday home as an option for Kingscliff Wedding Venues.  Sadly, we don’t host weddings but we are fabulous at luxury beachfront accommodation!

Imagine your wedding day when you wake up in a four poster, king-size bed (with wafting muslin curtains), with a light breeze ticking your face, the sun streaming through the picture window and a luxurious bathroom with its own in-room bath just waiting to be run….  This could be your reality!

mmm…  Better stop dreaming….  ok, back on track now…

In an effort to answer your questions, we have come up with three wonderful, local, Kingscliff Wedding Venues suggestions Kingscliff Bowls Club, Babalou and Osteria) which can offer a personalised service aimed at making your day memorable, special and just the way you had always planned.

4. Destination Wedding Casuarina NSW

Are you ready to plan your dream Destination Wedding Casuarina NSW?  Read on for some fantastic tips on how to make your day as special as you are!

Casuarina NSW is the perfect location for your Destination Wedding.  With unspoilt beaches right along the coast and easy access from Brisbane (90 mins), the Gold Coast (30 mins), Gold Coast Airport (20 mins) and Byron Bay (30 mins), and down the road (less than 10 minutes) from Cabarita Beach and Kingscliff, the location is perfect, yet still maintains its exclusivity and privacy.

5. Ordering Groceries online for your holiday

As a family who loves to spend time in holiday apartments and homes, a great Holiday tip from us is all about ordering groceries online for your holiday home – ready for your arrival.  I know this sounds simple, but is it?  Does your holiday rental property manager offer this as an extra service?  Is there a local concierge service you can tap into?  Why would you do this anyway?  What are the costs?  Is it really that convenient?  We have some great information that can start your holiday off in the best, low stress way.

6. Best Tips for Traveling in Australia

With the Aussie Dollar now back below parity (with the USD) now is the perfect time to plan your next break and make the most of your plans by thinking about where you would best like to spend this spring/summer – and we’ve got the Best Tips for Traveling in Australia!

7. Summer Holiday Family Traveling Tips – Flights Edition

The recent sunshine this week in Northern NSW has got me thinking about Summer Holiday Family Traveling Tips – Flights Edition.  Yes, we all love our family summer holidays but there can be challenges, particularly when flying in is part of your itinerary.  Follow some of these tips and you could have your best holiday yet!

8. Beach Holiday Tips for Summer

Summer is just a few months away and we think now is the perfect time for Beach Holiday Tips for Summer! Once you have made the decision and booked your beautiful luxury beachfront accommodation, then there is time to stop and think about how you will keep everyone safe.  Read on for our top tips to ensure that your upcoming beach holiday is just perfect.

9. Kingscliff Summer Beach and Surf Safety

We’ve searched high and low to find you the best tips for Kingscliff Summer, Beach and Surf Safety.  We know summer is coming.  We know that many of us have already planned that beach getaway.  The sun is already out and shining here on the Tweed Coast (including Kingscliff and Casuarina), so from now is the perfect time for thinking about staying safe on holidays.

10. Responsible Travel Tips

It is always good to think about how we travel responsibly so we have researched some great responsible travel tips perfect for your next holiday.  Traveling light (including leaving a light footprint on your energy and water usage) can not only help the local communities and businesses but can ensure that you remain committed to your “green” goals.

Oh – and just so you know, we have just installed solar panels at La Maison Pacifique.  This is part of our continuing efforts to reduce our own impact on the environment and a concerted effort to be a responsible luxury beachfront holiday accommodation choice.

11. Top 50 Travel Blogs

Sadly, we can’t take the credit for compiling list this but Matt Stabile of TheExpeditioner.com can and has obviously spent a bit of time compiling the Top 50 Travel Blogs for this quarter.

There are some great entries in here that cover everything from top listed Aussies yTravel and their planned year-long (or could it be 2?) journey around Australia to Traveldudes who talk about worldwide travel.

12. Fun Winter Beach Activities

You may not think that winter could be your favourite time to visit the beach but there are benefits and many fun winter beach activities to enjoy! With fewer people and a real chance to relax, an Australian winter holiday can be a perfect time for a mid-year getaway.

Let’s not forget that the Northern Rivers area (Tweed Coast to Byron Bay) is the perfect spot for the winter getaway.  With mild weather and cool nights, its the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beach – and you are only 90 minutes by car from Brisbane or 20 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport.

Wow!  That turned out a little bigger than I imagined, but we do hope it has inspired you to visit our beautiful Northern Rivers area and come and enjoy the many delights, sights, foods and sounds that are in abundance.

Happy holidays – dream about what is possible; believe you can do it; make the most of your annual leave; plan, book and enjoy your holiday; then dream about where you will go next!  It is your turn!

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Until next time – enjoy your day wherever you are from La Maison Pacifique “The Peaceful House” and your boutique designer luxury holiday home vacation rental in Casuarina, New South Wales, Australia – half way between the Gold Coast QLD and Byron Bay NSW, Australia.

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