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What have you done?

What have you done?

What have you done?
What have you done?

Yes, four little words that can strike fear into the heart of any child “What have you done?”!  However, in our case, it is much more positive than that!  At La Maison Pacifique it is our aim to provide our guests with the most luxurious holiday experience, supported by superior accommodation in a beautiful setting and which all five senses can respond to.  So, how do we do this?  With care and attention to detail….



It is important that all our items in our luxury beachfront holiday home are precious to us, but not so precious that they are likely to break.  Our design choices have been carefully crafted around the brief to ensure that they are beautiful and practical – and can be touched!  That doesn’t mean we don’t get the odd breakage, but we do hope that our guests care too and are able to enjoy our personalised pieces.

Another option is to spend a day (or at least some time) at The Workshop, Cabarita Beach.  The Workshop is a vibrant, fun and luxurious health and beauty destination located in beautiful Cabarita Beach. They provide their clients with the very best in beauty, hair and make-up services, our aim is to please, to delight and to make each and every client look, feel and be fabulous. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for a treat – or could be a perfect option before your next big event.  They do specialise in caring for brides for their perfect wedding.



We are often told that the pictures of our beachfront holiday home do not do it justice.  Despite our best efforts, part of it is because a two dimensional photo can never catch the ambience, the calm sophistication nor the total feeling of relaxation as you delight in your peaceful surrounds.  We try to do this with words, but the reality is, the feeling of peace, tranquility and luxury can only best be experienced first hand.

Feel the serenity kick in as you walk in the gate, down the front deck to the cantilevered glass front door.  A quick insert of your personalised code, a click and then delight awaits.  Turn the corner for the first breathtaking view of the lounge and living areas, punctuated by the funky red ball chairs which draw the eye towards the garden – but not before stopping at the fireplace.  The pool sparkles on the left and just beyond is the spa, ready for you to relax.  The garden and the beach are beyond….

Feel the sand between your toes, the salt drying on your skin, the rough shape of the seashells you collect along the beach, the soft textures of your linen, the warmth of the sun on your face, or perhaps the cooling water from your dive into the swimming pool.   Feel the peace.


La Maison Pacifique Candle
La Maison Pacifique Candle

It is not just that our beachfront property “smells” clean, but that it is.  Our experienced team of professionals take serious pride in the work they do – and we thank  Di, Lisa, Dave, and Adrian and their teams sincerely for their efforts.  They are as passionate about La Maison Pacifique as we are and take time and care that the same high level of cleanliness is experienced by every guest.

However it is not just about cleanliness, it is about our sensory La Maison Pacifique candle as well.  A gift for every visiting group, the candle evokes the smell of a relaxing beachfront getaway and we hope will tempt our guests to return.

Or it could be about the delicious smell of the sea air, the delectable dishes you are cooking in the oven, or the scented water of your deep in-room bath as you soak your cares away….  Awaken your senses.


Breakfast at Cabarita Beach
Breakfast at Cabarita Beach

This is not just about equipping our kitchen with a great range of cooking utensils and equipment (yes, including a pizza oven, capuccino machine, steam oven and Weber-Q BBQ) but ensuring that there is enough to go around.  Yes, we do include plastic containers to store food in the fridge.  Yes, we do include plastic picnic ware, salad bowls, platters, placemats and salad servers.  There is more than the standard saucepans and frypans and yes, we even have baking, biscuit and muffin trays.  To complement all this, there are an array of cookbooks ready for those budding Masterchefs out there – and if you don’t feel like cooking, read Lisa and Pete‘s blogs and/or try the wonderful foods at Mockingbird Cafe, Kingscliff Bowls Club, Babalou, Choux Box, Fins, Pequena (for the next 2 months), Marty’s at Caba, the Caba Bakehouse, Blue Moon Cafe, Osteria, Spice Den or the Cabarita Beach Surf Club.  We recommend them all! (oh, and accompanied by wines from Cellarbrations Taphouse Cellars or Emmanuel’s Wine Shop).

Pete's top things to do in Kingscliff NSW
Pete’s top things to do in Kingscliff NSW


Where do we start?  See the beautiful sunsets from our own beach?  Have a quick look at the Kingscliff or Cabarita Beach Surf Cams and decide if you are up for a surf?  Wander the beautiful national parks we highlighted in Pete’s Top things to Do, or maybe head to the “big smoke/Gold Coast” and try out the “worlds”.  Is whale watching your thing?  From June to November each year the whales are out in force and can be easily spotted from our beach..  Maybe you are up for a swim? How about Byron Bay or Murwillumbah? The local Markets? And that is just the start!  For the latest in gigs and events on the Tweed each week, we like Tweedscene but you can also read our blogs and newsletters for other great things to do.

So, what have we been doing lately?

Well after all that igniting of your senses, we have not been resting on our laurels!  We have responded to our guests and undertaken a considerable upgrade of our beautiful home, in line with our vision.  This has included:

  • Two new services – payment via paypal and groceries on-line meet and unpack.  All designed to ensure our guests start their holiday as soon as they arrive
  • Our new links with local Kingscliff Wedding Venues – yes, we do provide a luxury accommodation choice for weddings.  Our Northern Rivers NSW coast is a popular choice for Destination Weddings
  • Our La Maison Pacifique Candle – a gift for every arriving group
  • Installation of solar panels on our roof – 31 brand spanking new solar panels – all in an effort to respond to a need to reduce our environmental impact
    New deck at La Maison Pacifique
    New deck at La Maison Pacifique
  • Upgrade and servicing of our airconditioning system – this now automatically switches off after three hours, and allows guests to enjoy the cool, but again reduce energy consumption.  It is easy to turn back on – just hit the on switch!  (mind you, we just tend to open the windows and let the cooling sea breeze in..)
  • Spa upgrade – a one touch system to turn the spa on and which will automatically turn off after 30 minutes
  • New entrance deck – we SO love this new deck and in 2014 we will also replace the two decks around the pool area
  • New kitchen equipment – we don’t let our equipment get too old – and we understand wear and tear…  We have recently purchased new saucepans, frypans and griddles ready for our guests.  We’ve also put in a few more platters ready for your feasts and there are more than enough glasses for everyone
  • Our yearly maintenance week – due in November will again repaint any marked walls, pest service, professional carpet, leather & upholstery cleaning, spring clean and electrical check as a start.  This is in addition to our regular checks and is all about ensuring La Maison Pacifique enthralls its guests
  • General ongoing maintenance – thanks to our great friend Richard who has been slaving away ensuring everything looks spic and span for our Spring-Summer guests.

Have we convinced you yet?  Now really is the time to book your next holiday.  We are booking fast but still have some weeks available before 2013 ends.  Contact me and I would love to make your holiday great!

Happy holidays – dream about what is possible; believe you can do it; make the most of your annual leave; plan, book and enjoy your holiday; then dream about where you will go next!  It is your turn!

Would you like to book or find out more about us?

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Until next time – enjoy your day wherever you are from La Maison Pacifique “The Peaceful House” and your boutique designer luxury holiday home vacation rental in Casuarina, New South Wales, Australia – half way between the Gold Coast QLD and Byron Bay NSW, Australia.

Di Hendy

Di Hendy
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La Maison Pacifique
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