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Wedding Candles

Wedding Candles

Wedding Candles

Wedding Candles

When planning your wedding there are many decisions that you have to make – including favours. Wedding Candles are a great choice for wedding favours and at our stand at the recent Osteria Wedding Open Day, we offered a free, specially designed Jaabay Candle with our own signature scent “Montego Bay” to all visitors to our stand who signed up to our regular monthly newsletter.

So, why did we decide to go with Jaabay Candles and put our own Wedding Candle favours together? Well, the owner, Sally and I decided that we want all our guests who stay at the beautiful La Maison Pacifique to leave with a lasting memory of their stay.

Our quest was then how do we achieve this? We thought a candle was the perfect option – as it can inspire most senses, and we liked the idea that every time the candle was lit, the scent would take you back to that wonderful, luxury beachfront holiday you had enjoyed, remembering the lazy walks along the beach, the fun activities in local areas such as Kingscliff, Bangalow, Byron Bay, Cabarita Beach, Fingal Head, the moonlit nights, the soft coastal breezes, the sound of the waves breaking on the shore, swimming in the lap pool, relaxing in the spa, enjoying a bbq on the deck, using fresh herbs from the herb garden…..

Sorry – got carried away.  Back to the candles…..  There were a few very important criteria for us in our candle quest.  Our candle had to:

  • look good (and portray/tell our story);
  • easily transportable (so guests could take them home);
  • smell great (with an ability to choose our own scent);
  • be long lasting (particularly with the scent); and
  • burn clean.

Family connections are a great thing and La Maison Pacifique’s owner, Sally is firmly committed to her “buy local” principles.  This not only encourages local businesses (and therefore the local community) but has many other environmental benefits, which has been a cornerstone of the many initiatives that we have introduced at La Maison Pacifique.

So, I introduced Sally to my sister-in-law Jo Hendy who had recently started Jaabay Candles.  Jo is a regular at many of the local markets in the area and has a real passion for candles. All Jo’s candles are triple scented (therefore the scent lasts longer) and are soy based.  Soy candles burn clean – ie do not have a black smoke like regular wax candles can.  Jo’s candles look great, can be adapted using your own label design and best of all Jo makes her candles close by – on the Gold Coast. We couldn’t ask for anything better!

So, with a scent box in tow, Sally and I got together and chose the Montego Bay scent.  Why this scent?  Glad you asked!  We wanted something fresh and clean, something that exuded luxury and something with a hint of the tropical beach feel we are trying to project.  This is where Montego Bay came in.  Capturing an exotic coastal charm and laid-back attitude, Montego Bay combines Lemon and Lime oils, Vanilla, Amber, Mandarin and Coconut. We were won over.  Our scent was chosen!

So how does this relate back to choosing a Wedding Candle as a favour for your guest?  Well, if you are getting married anywhere in Northern NSW, Byron Bay, the Gold Coast Hinterland, Northern Rivers to the Tweed or Gold Coasts, Jo at Jaabay can help you out.  Jo offers a range of scents, sizes and designs for her candle range and these can be specially adapted to suit your own personal style and wedding theme.  But can we demonstrate this?  Well, at the recent Osteria Wedding Open day we had Jo design a special candle for our stand visitors.  Smaller than our usual gift (to all bookings), we added some lace and instead of using a simpler stick-on label, Jo tied a label on with string, over the lace.  It was truly beautiful and allowed us to adapt our candle to our day.  We were able to put our own message on the label, personalising the candle and creating a lasting momento.

So, what did our Osteria Wedding Open Day visitors think?  Well honestly, they loved it!  There was no hesitation in signing up for our newsletter and the lovely atmosphere we were able to create with our larger candles burning – see photo above – both visually and with our signature scent, meant that all our visitors went away happy. So, if you are thinking about wedding favours – don’t discount wedding candles as an option and we can truly recommend Jaabay Candles to design, make and deliver a memorable momento of your special day for all your guests.

…and if you are looking for a resort-style luxury beachfront holiday home for wedding accommodation, (watch our video here), family holiday, girls getaway or just a romantic break, contact us at La Maison Pacifique for availability and a quote….

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Until next time – enjoy your day wherever you are from La Maison Pacifique “The Peaceful House” and your boutique designer luxury holiday home vacation rental in Casuarina, New South Wales, Australia – half way between the Gold Coast QLD and Byron Bay NSW, Australia.

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