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Choosing a marriage celebrant – questions to ask

Choosing a marriage celebrant – questions to ask

Choosing your Marriage CElebrant - Our Top Tips

Choosing your Marriage Celebrant – Questions to ask

As everyone says, your wedding day can be the most important day of your life and we’ve put together some information on choosing a marriage celebrant – questions to ask!

But firstly, we asked expert wedding planner Sandy Malone (Weddings in Vieques) what her top tip was and she replied “Tell your wedding planner what you want/need and follow her recommendations!”.  That is probably the best tip ever, but is reliant on you using a wedding planner (and tips on choosing them could be a whole other blog!).  Your wedding planner would know the best local celebrants – after all their business relies on getting the best people for the clients..

However, if you don’t have a wedding planner and you are doing it all yourself, personalising your wedding ceremony can be one of the most important ways to ensure that your wedding day is special for you and your partner.  Key to this is choosing a marriage celebrant.  But what do you look for?  As with most things, there are the great, the good and the not so good, so think about what you truly want your day to be like before you plunge headlong into booking your celebramt.

Oh, and we’ve asked the experts from the Celebrants and Celebrations Network Directory– but added in our own information.

So, here are our top questions to ask…

  • Availability: Is the celebrant available on the date and time you have in mind?  No brainer really – and are you prepared to change your date to get the celebrant you want?
  • Association membership: Does the celebrant belong to a celebrant association or network?  Very important.  Shows commitment to their industry and ensures that the legalities are all in place.
  • Reputation: Does the celebrant have a good reputation?  Testimonials are one thing, but speak to others.  Have you seen your celebrant officiate at another wedding?  Do you like their style?
  • Training: Apart from the standard training, how does your celebrant keep up to date – and are they considered leaders in their industry?  You may not want the “celebrity” celebrant, but it is good to know if they are committed to their industry and abreast of any changes and/or new trends.
  • Experience: How much experience does the celebrant have in conducting ceremonies? You could choose a new celebrant as you are keen for their “new” enthusiasm, but also think about the experienced (but unjaded) celebrant.  Can they adjust the ceremony to fit your requirements or are they a one-size-fits all kind of celebrant?  What will suit your wedding best?
  • Personality: Does the celebrant have the sort of personality that you find attractive? ie.  Are you keen to spice up the ceremony with “Elvis” or are you seeking a more formal ceremony?  It is all about what you and your partner are looking for when saying your vows.
  • Attitude: Does the celebrant listen to your ideas and concerns?  Or are they so set in their ways that it is “my way or the highway”!  Look for cues when discussing your day with them.   Is the celebrant keen to ensure they understand what you expect from them and that you understand what is required of you?  Don’t be afraid to discuss what you are really looking for.  A good celebrant will listen and come back with ideas and adapt the ceremony to your liking. The best celebrants will n”get” you and see it as “not just another wedding”.
  • Equipment: Does the celebrant have or have access to appropriate equipment such as a PA system, computer and internet facilities, appropriate clothing, a reliable car, etc?  Boring questions I know, but it could help if you have all the information you need.  Are any of these extras?  Word of mouth or having the same celebrant as a friend did (where your loved their ceremony) could be the best recommendation.
  • Location: Is the celebrant within reasonable travelling distance to the venue?  Very important!  Saves lots of stress in case of unexpected circumstances, although if you are having a destination wedding, do you bring your celebrant with you?
  • Fees: Is the celebrant charging a fee commensurate with the amount of work they will be doing?  Shop around and see what others are charging.  It is always good to compare, but be mindful of “extras” as opposed to “inclusions”.   Make sure you are comparing apples with apples!

So who would we recommend for weddings in Casuarina?

Well, as you know we love using locals and we’ve just come across one of the most experienced wedding celebrants in our area.

Margaret Wolgers from Amoret Ceremonies is not only a local but specialises in ensuring the ceremony fits the couple.  Providing advice on everything from the legalities to Wedding Vows, Margaret is not only experienced, but has been part of many special celebrations for couples.

Margaret fits another criteria too – she is keen to share her experience and knowledge through her blogs, providing information and advice on everything from modern ideas on how to include loved ones in your ceremony to weddings vows to wedding tips and lots in between!

…and of course, if you do decide to come to our beautiful Northern Rivers region for your special day, don’t forget that we at La Maison Pacifique can provide you with the most beautiful wedding accommodation on the coast!  On the beachfront and with a perfect bridal suite/wing you can have your own private luxury beachfront resort experience (children optional!) – and our rates and facilities compare very well with local 5-star resorts!

Oh, and if you would like some more tips from us about your wedding, see our recent blogs:

…and if you are looking for a resort-style luxury beachfront holiday home for wedding accommodation, (watch our video here), family holiday, girls getaway or just a romantic break, contact us at La Maison Pacifique for availability and a quote….

Would you like to book or find out more about us?

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Until next time – enjoy your day wherever you are from La Maison Pacifique “The Peaceful House” and your boutique designer luxury holiday home vacation rental in Casuarina, New South Wales, Australia – half way between the Gold Coast QLD and Byron Bay NSW, Australia.

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